Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My New Experience On Secondary


Secondary is totally different than Primary, first I wanted to stay in Primary. But now I really enjoy being in Secondary. I meet new people and friends, we have new subjects that are french and hums. Learning french is amazing. In science we do very fun experiments. Some subjects are really fun that includes : ... Every class !

In Primary we didn't have tests and assessments but now in Secondary we have a lot of them, and I am really proud of me because Im getting good grades in all the tests.

I love Secondary !

Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year

Lets  give  2014 a good  receivment  and lets be good ,inteligent and reflective .

This will be a great year !!!!


Thursday, 21 November 2013



OK the very great camping of 5th grade is COMING in ONE WEEK ! it of 3 days  ! I know we will have lots of fun there  and we will NEVER EVER want to come back.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Habia una vez un cuerpo

Autor : Aida E. Marcuse

Ilustrador : Fernando Cortes

El libro , Habia una vez un cuerpo me gusto mucho por  que nos enseña todo sobre el cuerpo humano de una forma muy divertida y creativa . Otra cosa que me gusto mucho del libro es que la mama del niño les explica sobre el cuerpo humano con pisos por ejemplo el cerebro esta en el primer piso ,tambien me gusto que el autor es super creativo con lo de los policias que dice que cuando hay microbios o bacterias los policias que son las vacunas y las medicinas pelean con las bacterias hasta que las matan o hasta que se rinden y salen de tu cuerpo que es cuando estornudas .Y mi parte favorita es cuando te explican como nacen los bebes , pero lo que me gusto de eso es que me dice como naci y por todo lo que paso mi mama hasta que yo naci.Y la parte que no me gusto mucho  del libro es la parte del cerebro que te explica sobre dos baules que tu tienes : en uno dice que tienes todos los recuerdos viejos y antuguos  
que no son tan importantes , y en el otro estan guardados todos los recuerdos importantes ,los que se van a necesitasr para algo y los recuerdos mas bonitos de tu vida . Y lo ultimo al final del libro aparecen unas adivinanzas que podras hacer con tu familia , Y DE ESO TRATO MI LIBRO . 



Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Junie B . Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed

Author : Barbara Park

My question : If you could be a character in the book ,  who would you be and why ?

I would like to be Grace ,the best friend of Junie B . I  would like to be Grace because she is very popular and beautiful. I will also like to be Grace because she is very inteligent .Also I would like to be grace because she is one of the best students of the class, and she have made a joke to junie b telling her that they were monsters under her bed but also a boy told junie b that his brother had a monster under his bed . So Grace told Junie B that it was true so thats why I want to be Grace because she likes to joke at others , so now you know why I want to be Grace .